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Food Aid Foundation

Food Aid Foundation is the first organization in Malaysia to rescue perishable and non-perishable excess food. Established in 2013, our mission is to reduced food wastage and alleviate hunger and malnourishment in Malaysia.

We collect and distribute surplus food on a daily basis to our beneficiaries consisting of welfare and charitable homes, shelters, poor families, destitute, other NGO’s, refugee communities and the soup kitchen.

While the statistics of edible food being sent to landfill stands at 3,000 tones daily, we face issues of malnourishment and lack of nutritious food among those living in poverty.

We made a link of helping to reduce food waste and helping people in need with food donations in many ways:

  • Nutritious food for charities where nutritious food can be channeled to charity and people in need.
  • Savings for charities save on grocery bills for charity organization and poor family so the funds can be redirected to education, medical, rehabilitation, utilities and other expenses.
  • CSR for food donors byincreasing positive impact on community engagement with the local community by donating excess food and helping to alleviate hunger.
  • Protecting the environment by ensuring good food be donated rather than going to landfill and helps reduce the negative impact of food waste on the environment.

    What Can Be Donated?
    •      First-line products
    •      Close to expiry
    •      Out-of-code with extended shelf life recommendations
    •      Mislabeled and unlabeled off-specs items
    •      Seasonal Items and promotional items
    •      Prepared and perishable food
    •      Discontinued products
    •      Customer returns and refusal produce
    •      Frozen and refrigerated food and raw ingredients      

    Who Can Donate?
    •      Hotelier
    •      Food Manufacturer
    •      Hypermarket/Supermarket
    •      Restaurant / Cafe Owner
    •      Food Wholesaler / Distributor/ Retailer
    •      Caterer
    •      Any Other Food Provider 

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