Family Frontiers

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Family Frontiers

The Association of Family Support & Welfare Selangor & KL (Family Frontiers) is a registered not-for-profit entity that was established with the aim of advancing, promoting and strengthening the family unit so that no family is left behind. It acts as an umbrella body for the Foreign Spouses Support Group, which supports and advocates for the rights of foreign spouses married to Malaysian citizens and mobilizes action for the Malaysian Campaign for Equal Citizenship.

Aim: To advance, promote and strengthen family unity and development so that no family is left behind. Specifically, 
  1. To ensure that families have access to economic and social development.
  2. To develop information and provide support for Malaysians and their spouses during the establishment of the family unit.
  3. To conduct research on matters pertaining to family.
  4. To encourage wellbeing, integration and respect for families in Malaysia.

VisionRealising gender equality and non-discrimination and guaranteeing the full enjoyment of human rights for Malaysian binational families, especially in ensuring women in binational families have the autonomy to participate equally in the private, public and civic sphere.

Family Frontiers' work is rooted in lived experiences to ensure that impacted women are at the centre of advocacy to co-create the campaign for equal citizenship. It follows a multi-pronged advocacy approach to campaign for laws and policies that are family-friendly and in the best interest of women and children. Some of its approaches include: 

  • Service Delivery to ensure access to information, support and solidarity among impacted community
  • Engagement with stakeholders, parliamentary and media engagement, public awareness
  • Engagement with the community to build skills and confidence to transfer the autonomy to the community 

The case filed by Family Frontiers and six Malaysian mothers

One of Family Frontiers' latest approaches is to pursue strategic litigation by filing a case at the Kuala Lumpur High Court along with sux Malaysian mothers for equal rights of Malaysian women (married to non-citizens) to confer automatic citizenship on their overseas-born children on an equal basis as Malaysian men (married to non-citizens). Family Frontiers won the case at the KL High Court and the Government has since appealed against the decision. The Home Minister has also announced that a constitutional amendment is being considered.  

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