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🌟 Urgent Appeal for Donations: Help End Unequal Citizenship Rights for Malaysian Mothers and their Overseas Born Children 🌟

Dear Supporters,

We need your Donations to support our campaign towards unequal citizenship faced by Malaysian mothers and overseas born their children. Despite ongoing efforts, the Constitution (Amendment) Bill has been postponed and will be debated at the next Parliament Session, prolonging the wait for crucial reforms.

The upcoming Suriani Kempe case in the Federal Court on June 25, 2024, is a pivotal moment in this fight for justice. Your donation will make a significant difference in our efforts to advocate for equal citizenship rights. Together, we can amplify our voices and push for change.

Your donations will directly contribute towards advocacy efforts and outreach activities to support the Mothers amendment. This includes legal and administrative expenses, public awareness campaigns, community engagement events, digital and social media expenses.

Every contribution counts in our journey toward ending discrimination and securing a better future for Malaysian mothers and their children. Join us in this crucial cause by donating today. Together, we can make a difference and bring about positive change.

Our mission is to ensure that Malaysian mothers have the right to confer citizenship by operation of law to their overseas-born children. This issue affects Malaysian binational families, while many of the mothers with children residing in Malaysia have received citizenship approvals however we still have many awaiting citizenship approvals and facing rejections without reasons provided. Additionally, adult children of Malaysian women without existing applications remain marginalized due to the non-retroactive nature of the bill.

Thank you for your generosity and support.
Family Frontiers Team

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  • Anonymous

    Hope our fight will be successful for all Malaysian mothers and their children to gain citizenship. Keep up the good work and bless you with good health and energy to fight for us.

    MYR 100 04/16/2024 01:20:30 PM UTC

  • Marlissa Shukor

    MYR 200 04/16/2024 12:47:18 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 20 04/16/2024 11:50:26 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Appreciate the effort from the group and hope more women get the help need d

    MYR 200 04/06/2024 06:35:02 AM UTC

  • Ryan Barakat

    Thank you Family Frontiers for touching the lives of so many and for being so persistent and so brave against all odds in fighting for this very important cause

    MYR 4,800 04/04/2024 01:13:11 PM UTC

  • Jade

    Thank you for all the hard work FF team! This would never have happened without the tireless efforts!

    MYR 500 03/31/2024 01:53:21 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your hard work

    MYR 50 03/29/2024 02:14:17 AM UTC

  • (Joanne) Lew

    Thank you for all your support. None of this would have happen without this incredible organization.

    MYR 500 03/22/2024 02:18:55 AM UTC

  • Marlene

    AUD 50 03/12/2024 03:20:25 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    The day that Malaysian women achieve the rights to confer their citizenship to their overseas-born children, would be a big step forward for the campaign of gender equality in Malaysia.

    MYR 250 02/15/2024 02:01:41 PM UTC

  • Eva Lusiana

    MYR 100 02/15/2024 05:05:59 AM UTC

  • Sun Sun Yap

    Thank you for all the efforts and fighting for us and our children rights, hope we will succeed soon!

    MYR 150 01/22/2024 02:43:18 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 300 01/17/2024 02:17:16 PM UTC

  • Suraya Jasmine Abdul Rahman

    MYR 100 11/17/2023 11:39:24 AM UTC

  • Samantha & Jason

    MYR 100 11/07/2023 03:24:21 PM UTC