Association pour le Développement Technique de la Jeunesse Khmère

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Association pour le Développement Technique de la Jeunesse Khmère

Who Are We

Association pour le Développement Technique de la Jeunesse Khmère (ADTJK) is an independent, non-religious and apolitical NGO, specializing in the protection and education of children in difficulties in Cambodia and has been working since 1994 to support children and their families and promote their autonomy through access to education, health and culture.

Our mission is to contribute to Cambodia’s development by supporting children who are truly disadvantaged while respecting their culture and their traditions. The help given to the children allows them to freely decide on their future by giving them access to education, to health, and to cultural awareness as well as pride. Therefore, children become actors in the development of their country in the field they choose.

What We Do



Education in Cambodia is not an accessible right for every child. In order to help their families survive, many have to stop school to work. Near the Thailand border, the Khla Kaun Thmei village was created in the late 90’s to welcome displaced and destitute populations back from Thai refugee camps. In this extremely poor region of Cambodia, ADTJK has developed educational programs from kindergarten to advanced studies, in close relationship with the Cambodian Ministry of Education.


Our goal is to allow destitute children to access quality education with no charges. This is the association’s goal. On the Foyer Lataste site are implanted two classes of kindergarten, an elementary school and a tutoring center. Some of the programs have been set up by our association to allow children from Banteay Meanchey Province to get a quality education from kindergarten to their active life. Each program is adapted to the different social cases encountered. Children have access to the best learning conditions in a nice environment at the Foyer Lataste.
We have initiated five educational programs:
  • Support to Somras Komar Primary School Program
  • The Tutoring Center Program
  • Boarding House for Middle-Schooler and High-Schooler Program
  • Student Program
  • Apprenticeship Vocational Training Program


Child protection is a priority in Cambodia where situations can be fragile.  ADTJK works closely with the local authorities and the social services to prevent or answer to abuse, neglect, exploitation situations or any other form of bad treatment done to children.
To prevent any of this, the association intervenes with extremely disadvantaged families to avoid poverty leading to child dropout, child labor or other terrible consequences (FAMILY SUPPORT IN THE COMMUNITY PROGRAM). When the social services believe that a child is in immediate danger, he/she is taken in charge by our team (FOSTER MOTHER PROGRAM). Every child benefits from an appropriate support to their situation and long-term monitoring.
We have initiated two child protection programs:
  • Family Support in the Community Program
  • Foster Mother Program



Like the educational system, the health care in Cambodia was badly damaged by the civil war years. Today the government and the international partners have developed a health system that is very well established locally through municipal health centers. However due to precarious living conditions and the low level of education of the population, numerous inevitable diseases still affect many people (tetanus, AIDS, dengue, malaria, diarrhea…). Beyond the children’s medical follow-up supported by the association, we have chosen to develop preventive actions in the children’s communities.

Our goal is to allow the children to grow up healthy and set up preventive actions to the health state of the children’s communities. Nutrition is one of our program’s key points. We regularly welcome specialists to help us in the elaboration of individualized follow-ups.

Our actions in response to the Health are:
  • The children's health and medical follow-ups
  • Prevention


Agriculture in Cambodia still represents a major part of the economy. As a pretext for productivity concerning exports, agrochemical companies take advantage of the country’s peasants. The environment is largely sacrificed to economic growth: deforestation, overexploitation of fisheries, massive use of pesticides, absence of a waste and wastewater treatment system...  However, people are aware of the damages created by this system, especially in the countryside where rice farmers are very dependent on the environment. After three consecutive years of poor harvests leading to significant migratory movement, the population of the region is starting to become conscious of the challenges of climate change on the cultivation of rice. A consciousness that motivates the association to act alongside the youth, by the means of an organic garden, based on the concept of permaculture; thus towards a new form of agriculture in Cambodia.
Our goal is to question children and their families about their impact on the environment and sensitize them to the new challenges of biological agriculture, healthy food and waste management. Little by little, awareness is spreading and efforts are being made every day a little bit more!
Our actions in response to the Farming and Environment are:
  • Promotion of a Diversified and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Promotion of Renewable Energies and Environmental Protection


Today, Cambodia is rebuilding and economic growth is back on track. However, its openness to the world cannot be built on solid foundations unless the country reclaims its identity and its artistic and cultural heritage, damaged by the civil war years.
Our goal is to allow children to acquire their cultural heritage and to flourish in artistic expression. Beyond the transmission of cultural traditions, art represents a real therapy for children, a chance to develop their own creativity and to build their self-awareness and confidence.
Our actions in response to the Khmer Culture are:
  • Traditional Dance Classes
  • Creative Workshops
  • Library-Computer Room
  • Cinema
  • Summer Camps

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