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Reef Check Malaysia & MareCet

This is a fundraising collaboration between the nonprofit entities listed below. All funds received will be split evenly between both parties. Please note, however, your tax exempt receipts will be issued by Reef Check Malaysia.

Reef Check Malaysia

RCM is the local chapter of the Reef Check network that was first established in the USA in 1996. Registered as a non-profit organisation in 2007, RCM aims to raise awareness on the importance of, and threats to, coral reefs by engaging with local communities. We train volunteers to become 'EcoDivers', led by scientists, to regularly monitor
and report on the health of reefs.


The MareCet Research Organization is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation established in 2012 committed to increasing scientific knowledge, implementing conservation actions, strengthening policies, and generating awareness on marine mammals and the greater marine environment. MareCet is first and only non-profit, non-governmental organisation solely dedicated to the research and conservation of marine mammals in Malaysia. The aim is for MareCet to be more than just an organization of like-minded people, but a center of excellence for the continuous development in the field of marine sciences, particularly marine mammal science, in the future.

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