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R.O.L.E. Foundation

R.O.L.E. Foundation - Rivers, Oceans, Lands and Ecology Foundation

Role Foundation was created in 2007 for the environment, and since then we are dedicated to help protect and preserve all aspects of environment in Indonesia.

A lot has been done in these past 9 years. Through Role's two campuses we have provided education, skills programs and grassroots community assistance to alleviate poverty and ensure environmental sustainability.

Unfortunately, last year (2015) one of our campuses was set on fire because of a family dispute between the landlords. All our main environmental programs had to be paused and our center closed for an indefinite time.

At the moment we have the following programs running:

  • Bali WISE (Women of Indonesia Skills Education)
  • Women's Business Development - Weaving Futures Program
  • Recycling Soap Waste from Hotels & Resorts
  • Beach Clean Up Training & Regular Beach Clean Up with Partners

Through our yearly Waterman's Event, which this year will be a week packed with water sports and water related, we plan to raise the necessary funds to rebuild our Environmental Education Center. Together with this restart, Role Foundation has reformulated the environmental programs, and it will be relaunched as our 'Zero Waste to Oceans' program.

Zero Waste to Oceans Education and Demonstration Center

The Zero Waste to Oceans vision is to keep Coastlines and Oceans Clean and Healthy as part of a Sustainable World. Its mission is to train Indonesians in sustainable techniques of Waste Management, Planning, Systems, Construction, and Day-to-Day Operations for both land and ocean-based waste. Help Develop Sustainable Environmental Businesses to strike a balance between Jobs, Business, and Mother Earth.

Waterman's Week Bali 2016 theme and the focus is to raise awareness about plastic pollution in our oceans and create a momentum so more people join the cause, spread the word and help to make more effective changes. None of us want the ocean to have more plastic than fish by 2050!

Indonesia is the 2nd Worst Marine Polluter in the World! China is the 1st.

We have to act! And we have to act NOW!

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To learn more about the Waterman's Week Bali 2016: www.watermansweek.org

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