Everyone has a right to receive quality education. Get a tarot card reading in exchange for helping underserved children in rural Sabah receive better access to education. This fundraiser is part of the Charisma Movement's Project Anak Malaysia 2022 initiative.

My Story

Nasi Tarot is a fundraiser under Charisma Movement's Project Anak Malaysia (PAM) 2022 initiative. The PAM initiative is a two-week-long outreach project to three primary schools in rural Sabah that aims to inspire both its students and teachers alike. With the help of my trusty tarot cards, I hope to be able to provide you with an answer to your questions in exchange for advocating for equal and quality education for all children. 

What will your funds be used for?
  • Project Anak Malaysia: Stationaries and teaching materials for Mathematics & English Language workshops for schoolchildren in rural Sabah.
  • The Tapau Initiative: Provisions of nutritious food (1 meal per day) for primary school students in selected schools in Sabah.
  • Project Cikgu Inspiratif: Additional teaching resources and technological literacy courses for high-need teachers.
Why am I fundraising?
As an avid advocate for SDG4: Quality Education, I have always firmly believed in empowering underserved Malaysian communities through education. My past volunteer work has given me an insight into how impactful an initiative such as PAM can be to its beneficiaries, and I hope to inspire others to contribute to this cause in their own unique ways. Having picked up tarot card reading recently, I also hope to offer others the same self-understanding my volunteer work has provided me. 

What are you getting in return?
  • In-depth tarot card readings of varying lengths and prices 
    • Enquire about love, money, spirituality or something that's bothering you
    • Prices range from RM5 - RM55
  • A deeper understanding and clearer perspective on yourself
To know more about what kind of spreads, visit @nasitarot on Instagram.

How do you get your tarot card reading?
  1. Visit @nasitarot on Instagram to select a tarot reading spread that best fits your needs.
  2. DM me on my Instagram account to book your slot.
  3. Leave your donation here!
  4. Receive your written analysis in 72 hours.
Check out Charisma Movement's website to learn more:

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