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Loan to Support Women who are putting themselves through university in Indonesia

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About Lending Project

Small Loans Big Dreams!

This group loan is to support 3 ladies that are working very hard to put themselves through university, in Jakarta. These ladies are focused on building a better future for themselves and are balancing their studies with full time jobs to pay for their university fees.

Dewi, aged 24, works full time as an accounting staff in a private company. She is also putting herself through university for a degree in Business. She is taking a part-time course and attends classes every Saturdays. She is taking out a small loan of IDR10,000,000 (~USD770) to pay for her semester fee.  

Nani, aged 39, sells herbal products online. She is married, but her husband is unemployed. She is the main breadwinner of the family. She is taking out a loan of IDR5,000,000 (~USD385) to pay for her university fees, where she is studying for a Business degree. She attends classes every Saturdays too. We have great admiration for her “never too late” attitude!

Kartika, aged 27, works in an office. She is not married. She is taking out a loan of IDR6,000,000 (~USD460) for her university fees. She is also studying for a Business degree, and attends classes in the evenings and on Saturdays.

Please help us change lives by supporting this loan. By offering easier access to educational loans, we are creating an impact that will crucially lead to positive changes and building better lives. 

Education and microfinance can be used in combination to alleviate poverty in Asia!

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