Kospin Surya Kencana

  • Indonesia    Education, Poverty, Social Welfare, Welfare, Women, Youth
Raised So Far IDR 14,911,918

Kospin Surya Kencana

Surya Kencana has been operating as a cooperative microfinance institute since 2006. While it has a license to operate nationally in Indonesia, Surya Kencana has chosen to focus its operations to help the communities in and around the areas of West Jakarta and Banten. Typically Surya Kencana’s clients are farmer-market traders, five-foot-way food stalls, women and youth entrepreneurs and small businesses that contribute significantly to job creation in areas where urban poverty can be rife.

Kospin SK have been rated by MICRA (Microfinance Institution Rating & Investor Report / International Professional Rating Institution) as a "Pro-Poor" MFI and also received a financial and social rating of B (Very Good) from PT. SUCOFINDO (Agencies MFI Indonesia). In 2011, Surya Kencana was the WINNER of the "Microfinance Award 2011" under the category of “Best Financial Ratios” from the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs.

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