Mother’s Choice is a local charity serving the many children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong. They join hands with the Community to give hope and change the life stories of vulnerable girls, children and babies. Their vision is to see every child in a loving family. Kids are our future. Helping them develop a strong mentality will support them greatly in facing adversity. I’m going to climb Lion Rock 126x (in 2 weeks’ time) and accumulate 8,848m of ascension and in the process, I would like to show first-hand how one handles adversity. Please support me in my goal and Mother’s Choice by donating.

My Story

I am an endurance athlete in Hong Kong.  Having completed 60 ultra-marathons in Hong Kong and overseas, I am the first Asian representative to complete the EP1CMAN Kona 300 miles Endurance Run in 2017.  I took on solo challenges of Double Crossing Taiwan (1,400km) in 2018 and a gruelling TransJapan run (from Hokkaido to Okinawa, 3,500km) in 2019.  When not encouraging Hong Kongers and the neighbors in Asia to get outdoors, I am either breaking records or taking on new challenges such as my latest achievement of paddle boarding 45 km around Hong Kong on a board made entirely of recycled water bottles; and my ongoing mission to run across the world.  I am also a coach of meditation & mindfulness and an important advocate for the environment.

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Recent Donors

  • Ming Yin Lee

    Congratulations to your success and keep going!

    HKD 500 03/24/2021 01:50:43 AM UTC

  • Chau Pui Kwan Jenny


    HKD 500 03/23/2021 01:05:50 AM UTC

  • Chui Shan Cheung

    HKD 200 03/21/2021 02:12:04 AM UTC

  • Mr. Lo & Ms. Cheung

    HKD 105 03/20/2021 07:21:39 AM UTC

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    HKD 300 03/20/2021 07:18:41 AM UTC

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    HKD 200 03/19/2021 03:18:25 PM UTC

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    HKD 500 03/19/2021 02:49:53 PM UTC

  • Fung Man

    HKD 200 03/18/2021 03:07:23 AM UTC

  • Jenny Yeung

    輝Sir 加油。完成後好好保養雙手。辛苦晒。

    HKD 300 03/17/2021 02:55:12 PM UTC

  • Carrie Liu

    輝sir 加油, 順利完成目標💪💪

    HKD 300 03/16/2021 08:39:43 AM UTC

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