Hi there! I'm Amany, I'm fundraising for underprivileged students in Sabah to buy basic items. Please support me by purchasing our MRD Book through Shopee (link below) or clicking "Donate Now."

My Story

Picture: Volunteered at Boys and Girls Club Loiza, Puerto Rico in March 2019

Hi there, I'm Amany. I really enjoy volunteering my time to help our community. My enthusiasm and eagerness in volunteering made me apply as Sponsorship and Fundraising Director 20/21 for Charisma Movement, a youth-led organization aims of raising awareness about issues in our environment, education and health sectors. 

I am very fortunate to have easy access to education and internet connection. A lot of students, especially in rural areas, are struggling with PDPR. They faced a common state problem of poor broadband and internet coverage. Some of them need to travel for few miles to get better coverage and some need to share gadget with others.

Hence, I decided to join this initiative by selling MRD Book! I believe this small step could change lots of lives.

Malaysia's Rainy Days Book

Malaysia's Rainy Days (MRD) is a collection of stories that showcases the Malaysian spirit in volunteerism and activism. Ultimately, it aims to raise awareness on those who are underprivileged, as well as highlight issues in Malaysia that still require attention and help from the public. It's a project that aims to cherish and celebrate the side of Malaysia that is loving, generous and kind.

How to Buy MRD Book?

You can place your order here:

Price: RM 35/book. After we have received your order, we will add the donation manually from our end to keep the transparency!

You can also donate to this cause without purchasing the book.

All the fund raised will be used to buy basic necessities for students and their families that are in need from the 3 schools in Sabah we've been working with. Learn more about our Project Anak Malaysia Crowdfunding:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach me out at:

Picture: Honors in Action - Thanksgiving Dinner for Homeless, Pennsylvania USA 2017

A Small Step Change Lots of Lives

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