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This is not “my” story. This is the story of millions of blind people around the world living in darkness. Luckily, some blindness is avoidable. 這不是「我」的故事,而是全球數千萬活在黑暗中的失明人士的故事。幸運的是,部份失明是可以避免的。

My Story

The Fight to End Blindness 你的幫忙,是如此重要!

According to the World Health Organization, more than 32 million people are blind worldwide. In fact 4 out of 5 people who are blind don’t need to be. With a simple 20 min operation or a dose of antibiotics, blindness can be treated or prevented.

全球仍有超過3200萬人深受失明困擾,但每5個失明個案中,有4個是可以避免的。籌集得到的經費,會用作支援眼科手術和治療、 提供所需手術設備,和培訓眼科手術醫生及醫護人員.

So Little Can Do So Much! 你的捐款會用在什麼地方呢﹖

The cost to restore somebody’s sight is as little as HKD$150 (or US$20). The reason it's so cheap is because most of the work carried out by the Fred Hollows Foundation is done in developing countries where things are much cheaper - including wages, equipment, medicine, logistics, technology, rent, etc. 

The goal of this project is to raise HKD$150,000 – enough to give 1,000 people their sight back.

I can’t do it alone. We need your support.

在護瞳行動服務的一些發展中國家,低至港幣$150 便可令一名眼疾病人重見光明。這主要是因為在這些國家,生活成本諸如醫療服務、工資水平、物流狀況和匯率等較低。


Case Example: the story of Cesaria
你正在改變生命 – Cesaria的故事

Burundi is one of Africa’s smallest and poorest nations. Blind from birth, 3 year-old Cesaria’s parents abandoned her soon after she was born as they were unable to look after her. Thankfully, her grandmother Veronica stepped in to raise her instead and strived hard to make sure Cesaria got the medical attention she needed.

However, with only HKD$20 (US$4) a day to live on, Veronica couldn’t afford the surgery that would restore sight for Cesaria. Luckily the Fred Hollows Foundation brought Cesaria to the only pediatric ophthalmologist in Burundi to perform Cesaria’s much-needed operation. Less than 24 hours after the surgery, Cesaria peaked out from under her patches, giggling wildly because she could see light. The surgery successfully restored her sight.


Veronica每天的生活費只有港幣20元,根本無法負擔Cesaria 的手術費用。幸好護瞳行動把Cesaria帶到合作的醫院去。手術後 Cesaria從眼罩的隙縫中偷看四周,禁不住開懷大笑,因為手術十分成功,Cesaria能得看見了。


The Adventure

The Kayak 150 Project begins on 4th June from South Bay Beach. This is the first solo circumnavigation of Hong Kong by sea kayak - 250km on water, 25km on land. 

「划艇護瞳150」會於2016年6月4 日啟航,計劃在7天內,划艇250公里環繞香港一周,途中將經過深水灣、清水灣、蒲台島、東平州、大澳及索古灣等著名香港景點,期望為護瞳行動籌募經費。這也將會是全港首次有人划艇環繞全香港的創舉。

Thanks for your support! For more information, please visit the following websites:

十分感謝您支持「划艇護瞳150」 計劃,與我一起為消除可避明的失明努力。更多詳情,請參考以下網址︰

Event website活動網址:

The Fred Hollows Foundation 護瞳行動︰

Facebook of The Fred Hollows Foundation護動行動Facebook 專頁︰

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