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From 22 September 2018 (GMT – 6H), Jeff will join an elite group of 130 battle-hardened ultra marathoners to compete in the Grand 2 Grand Ultra Race.

The G2G is the first self-supported stage footrace ever to take place in America on a world-class course that had been experienced by few but the bravest of adventurers. It is the only stage race to start from one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the awe-inspiring north rim of the Grand Canyon, and finish on the summit of the Grand Staircase, one of the world's most iconic geological formations.

Amidst this majestic natural theatre, G2G will no doubt, push the limits of human endurance.

Jeff and his fellow runners will need to dig deep to uncover his untapped strength and build on his courage and determination.

As an elite ultra marathon runner, Jeff has proven to be worth his mettle when he took part in an impressive list of gruelling high endurance events such as the legendary Marathon des Sables in the Saharan African desert, the Ultra Challenge in the Canadian Arctic Region and Amazon jungle run, to name a few - all in the name of raising awareness for HIV and AIDS. It is a mandate that he proudly carries and wears as a badge of honour.

If you wish to show your support to Jeff and his Herculean pursuit, please make a donation to the Malaysian AIDS Foundation through this page. Your contribution will be used to support Treatment, Care and Support Programme for People Living with HIV.

* All donations RM100 and above are entitled for Tax Exemption receipt from the Malaysian AIDS Foundation


All donation above RM 300 will receive the Take Me Home Bear by the Malaysian AIDS Foundation


Jeff Lau - Day 1 G2G (25 September 2018)

Just done day 1, 50km, 2nd longest distance of the race, long day will be on day3, 80++km.

Today run is ok, weather is good, not too hot. A lot of cacti on the road, some participant got injured because accidentally step on it. Miss Malaysia food already.

 Special thanks to Siti Hajar Balqeist Mohd Noor and Elise Loh for your lovely message, I will do my best to complete the race.

You can email me through their website, g2g ultra official website. (Lau Jun Tean 604)

Jeff Lau - Day 2 G2G (24 Sept 2018)

Today is a tough day, is 10km shorter than yesterday, but today route is tough and no cloud, so hot… I am a bit no confident and scared for tomorrow long stage 86km. because today and yesterday was the easiest route of the race. Tomorrow is 75% sand dune, I hope I can make it in one go. Few more blister today, but those are the worst one, small and not ready to poke it, so annoying…

Thanks Dishwasher group / sausage group message (Karen & Gary sent message to me too ) I will do my best and make it to the end. Miss Malaysia food so much now.

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    Supporting Jeff's determination and charitable purpose. No gift required. Love and light.

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    May the fund gets to benefits those in needs. :)

    MYR 500 03/12/2018 06:02:57 PM UTC

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    Keep going jeff lau!!

    MYR 150 03/02/2018 04:28:45 PM UTC

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