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My Story

This wonderful group of women, and men, have made a huge of sacrifice by leaving their children and family behind and come to work in Hong Kong. They give their love and support to so many families, but are often treated very badly in return are a very vulnerable section of our community. I am helping to raise money for this very worthwhile charity - the Mission for Migrant Workers (MFMW)  - who work tirelessly to support those domestic workers in need of help.

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  • Christine Yu

    HKD 300 11/17/2019 02:46:36 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    HKD 2,500 11/07/2019 12:31:06 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    HKD 4,000 11/07/2019 09:44:38 AM UTC

  • Chelsea Borchers

    HKD 200 11/05/2019 01:53:55 AM UTC

  • Andrew Whitford

    HKD 1,000 11/04/2019 11:31:47 AM UTC

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