“I believe that the basic attribute of mankind is to help each other” – Professor Fred Hollows said this back in the day, but i believe it still resonates with us today. Imagine grappling with the effects of COVID-19, impoverishment or vulnerability, WHILST being unable to see. For every $5K raised, I’ll run 10! Just so that in all our own little ways, we make a difference together :)

My Story

Help us raise $10,000 in 10 days!

Last year, I met a granny whose son had abandoned her. She had been going slowly blind when I visited her at home, in a little makeshift hut in a rural village. She had very little but insisted on sharing what few eggs she had with us. I coined her affectionately, Egg Granny.

Recently, I’ve been thinking of Egg Granny, among others, whenever we talk about the most vulnerable during this time. For me, the most vulnerable are the forgotten and those who are truly at the bottom of the poverty ladder, more so now when everyone is tightening their belts or diverting resources.

Why should we care about the blind and poor right now? Well, they would get to survive better, care for themselves and others, access crucial information, help out economically and live stronger lives – if their sight was restored. 

Please support the vulnerable by donating. Your contribution will go towards crucial sight-saving work all over the world in support of those most vulnerable who are blind or visually impaired, but who would be able to see again with surgery, treatment, access to health facilities or timely intervention by health workers.

Recent Donors

  • Tan Siaw Pei

    MYR 50 01/07/2020

  • Raymond Tan

    MYR 150 07/05/2020

  • Daryl-Iris Chng

    :) thanks for encouraging us to run the 5km! Here’s to support you!:)

    SGD 100 25/04/2020

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    SGD 250 18/04/2020

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    SGD 200 15/04/2020

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    SGD 500 15/04/2020

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    SGD 200 12/04/2020

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    SGD 100 11/04/2020

  • Jonathan Peeris

    Good luck Rach! God bless you and your efforts!

    SGD 200 10/04/2020

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    SGD 1,000 09/04/2020

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