The Harvard Book Prize Scholarship has positively changed my life. With your donation and support, more students will benefit from this program!

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Hi Mentors and Friends!

Currently I am working on a fundraising project for Harvard Book Prize Scholarship. It is also the reason I am reaching out! 🥰

Harvard Book Prize Scholarship has changed my life in multiple ways. It boosted my self-confidence by sending me to Harvard, it opened my eyes and mind by connecting me with top students from all over the world and the most successful mentors, it inspired me to publish books, to found a company, and to give back to our society. 😆

To continue the sprit - WE NEED YOUR HELP! 🙏🏻😇 Please check out the fund-raising event:

To make it more impactful, for every $100 you donate to Harvard Education Fund, I will give out one copy of my book to any chosen organisation from you. (If you do not have a specify organisation in mind, I will help donate the books to schools, local charity in Hong Kong, or students who need the book!) 🥰

This is a very meaningful and impactful moment, and I hope you feel the same! Look forward to receiving your reply!

Best regards,

Help us raise HK$600,000 so that the lives of four top local school students can be transformed. The Scholarship was created in 2015 to deepen the impact of the Harvard Book Prize and to provide an opportunity to Hong Kong teenagers who are talented but cannot afford to study aboard.

This all expense paid experience to attend Harvard Summer School for seven weeks has already allowed 19 students from under-resourced communities to gain exposure to broader and diverse worldviews. Support us to continue to do so in 2023!

Our Impact Report can be found here
Student Testimonials can be found here

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