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On the 25th of June myself and a group of other kids, along with a few of their parents, and members of the CYLF, embarked on a trip to Gansu. For some of them it has already been the third year they have travelled to this province and visited these schools, but for me it was the first. It was made clear to me from the beginning that these children need help, especially the girls who have been living in a discriminatory society, and one of our jobs, other than teaching them what we could in the time we had, was to help them see the light. For all three schools we visited their parents were shown a video urging them to allow their girls to attend school for a little longer, as this time spent learning could change their futures for the better. We also spoke to the girls themselves hoping to inspire them to work hard and aim for a brighter future, but I found that they did not need persuasion. They were more than determined to learn and work, and most of them already know what they want to be when they grow up. Perhaps the most touching moment (of many) I had was when one of the girls I was teaching English to told me that she wanted to be "just like us". At fist I didn't understand, but after some broken Chinese and hand gesturing I realized she was trying to tell me she wanted to be a volunteer, and help children who were in an even lesser situation than she was. All of the girls I spoke to wanted only to help other people. They are all so selfless and grateful for the help we gave them, and this was apparent in the way they interacted with us. Without having to use actual words they convinced me that what this foundation is trying to do is actually working, and is appreciated. It would mean so much to them to have a few helping hands, to contribute towards their education, which will definitely benefit their lives in the long run. 

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