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"My father taught me the importance of protecting our natural resources. We try practicing sustainability in our farm located at Laguna called Merrez Farm, the name is rooted from both our parents last names Mercado and Alvarez, it's also featured in Agriculture PH. Even though he is now in heaven, I still wanted to continue our dream about the farm. For his 60th Birthday this May 31st, I decided to make it more meaningful by partnering with WWF to have a fundraiser for the Build Back Better Boats #BigayTibay campaign. I believe that he will be very happy to know that his 60th birthday became a way to help build new, stronger and more resilient boats that can withstand rougher waves for fishermen who lost their means for livelihood due to typhoons."

Korina Mercado is a Multi-Passionate Introvert. She is awarded as one of the Most Influential Filipina In The World - Emerging Leader Category by FWN, Top 100 Filipinos on LinkedIn and Most Influential Filipino Women on LinkedIn.

She is an Industrial Engineer, Technical Writer, Public Speaker, Thought Leader, Sustainability Advocate and Aviation Enthusiast. Currently, Korina is working as the Operational Excellence Manager for the largest airline in the Philippines. She also started a consulting start-up during the pandemic period named KonnectKonsult US. They aim to disrupt the consulting business using advanced methodologies and mastering pandemic metrics. KonnectKonsult top clients are from US, Germany and UAE ranging from Gaming Industry to Hospitality, Meat Industry, Healthcare, Hotels, Operations, E-commerce and Human Resource fields.

With over 25K followers on LinkedIn she is considered by other influential Filipinos, quoted as one of the thought leaders in the industry. Korina formulated a framework of Optimizing Life Series using Agile Sigma Methodology, Industrial Engineering & DCF (Desire, Consistency & Faith) inspired by Mr. Tim Gaffney, Tim Ferriss and Sir Napoleon Hill. A framework that aims to help a person address every area of his/her life and
improve it by iterations and optimization. 

She is using her influence to promote sustainability via @merrezfarm, methodologyevolution and consulting via @konnectkonsult and optimizing life via @optimizelifeseries. Her mindset and achievements led her to speak in several Process Improvement, Aviation, Operations Research and Data Analytics Conferences and Universities globally. 

Connect with her on LinkedIn and Instagram to know more about her advocacies and journey here: @mercadokorina_

WWF-Philippines' Build Back Better Boats Project aims to create a new modern design of boat that will be faster, better, stronger so that it can be of use to fisherfolk for decades to come. The Bigay Tibay boat was designed by premier industrial designer, Mark Bautista, to be robust enough to withstand strong waves and storms. It was also designed in close consultation with tuna fishers federation in Lagonoy Gulf so that it has features that fit their exact needs whenever they go out to sea.

The boat has features to help fishermen when they haul their catch, a covered hold to store the fish, a cleaning area built on the outriggers, a solar panel with headlights, and many other features. It is also made with a steel frame in a compartmentalized double hull design which makes it less likely to sink.

Closely working with our partners in the community, the fishers themselves are involved in the construction of the boats. Training is also provided to fishers to enable them to acquire new skills and create alternative livelihood opportunities outside of fishing.

Donate now to help build more Bigay Tibay boats and support the training of fishers in the community! With your help, we can empower more fishers and fishing communities towards becoming models of sustainability through the use of technology.

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    Thank you Korina for this wonderful fundraiser, I hope to help the boats in the Philippines!

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