Hey guys,our friends from wicked diving in Flores need our help, since their communitiy is struggeling heavily due to the lack of tourists due to covid-19. No tourists = no income = no job = no food to feed the family.So instead of a birthday present, use that money to help them with a small donation!More info in the story (copied from our friends in Indonesia)

My Story

The Story of Flores

  • When food is not a given anymore.
  • When you do not know when you can give your 6 year old her next rice meal.
  • When you cannot go out to find work, so she and your entire family of 9 can eat.
This is the story of Flores, Indonesia. In one of the normally flourishing tourism towns. The streets are deserted, the supermarket is still open but empty, even the pasar, the local market where families sell their crops, is by no means the normal hustle and bustle of playing children, caring mothers, and a constant in and out of cars with fresh produce.

For years the people of Flores (with almost 2 million inhabitants) have been drawn to the bustling gateway to Komodo National Park in the hope to find work in tourism and support families back in their villages.
More and more people every year turn the Tourist dollar into food, homes, healthcare, schooling for siblings and financial security for their families.

Last March this came to an abrupt halt. All tourists packed their backpacks and started on their long routes home. Businesses started closing one by one in the hope to survive until the tourists come back again.

This left the people of Flores and their families stranded. No tourist means no income, and no income is no food for the many families, that are dependent on Tourism. 

What your can do:

We have set up food packages, essentials like rice, oil, cabbage, coffee, drinking water and soap. Help us help the People of Flores. Donate today!

  • With 500.000 Indonesian Rupiah, the equivalent of 30EUR a family of 4 can eat for 2 weeks.  But also 10EUR gives relief to a family.
  • Contact us, with ideas of finding income for a community that is highly dependent on tourism. 
  • Share your love for Komodo and this appeal for help.
With our target amount of 5.000EUR we can help more then 80 families with food and essentials for a month. We are in our second month of our appeal, we aim to reach the same target! Thank you so much for all support, it means so much <3

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