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Wicked Good Indonesia - Raise for FOOD for Flores

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Target : EUR 10,000

About Appeal

June 30th
Slowly news is coming out on re-openening Komodo National Park. This is expected to go in phases; the first fase the local people that have been in the area the whole time, 2nd phase domestic tourist, and third phase international tourist. We hope this process will start businesses openening up again, and employment coming back. It will take a while, for the economy to stabilise itself. In the mean time, we will keep supporting those in need.

June 15th
Another 80 families have been supported because of you! Another 80 familes can cook, eat and shower because of your donations.  

June 09:
We are preparing a new batch of donations. The last weeks we have asked families to register, to be a part of the 80 families, that we will support for the coming months. The rice and supplies have arrived. And the handouts are starting up again. Have a look in the gallery, we have shared a new video and pictures. 

June 03:
After a few weeks of reaching out to friends, families, contacting businesses and sending out newsletters, we have reached an amazing milestone. The 5000EUR mark has been past and we are now even over 6000EUR. We cannot thank you enough! To ensure that the aid goes to the right families, we are currently screaning a new group of families for the next stage of our food distribution. We are selecting the families that need it the most. Those will be the ones that will receive the monthly supplies of necessities.   

May 18: 

  • We have reached the 3000EUR :-) Woooow fantastic, together with donations through paypal, and direct transfers in the Indonesian Bank Account we have now reached 4300 EUR. 
  • During the weekend the Government has announced to aim for October, to reopen for tourism. This is great news! But also means we need to extend our appeal. Our friends in Flores will need us a little longer. 
  • We are busy reaching out to the greater public, through newsletters, but also contacting companies that have a connection with Flores and Indonesia. We need more help, to help the Manggarai people through these rough months to come. 
  • I have posted another video of new supplies coming in, rice, noodles, sugar, cooking oil, eggs... 

    Big love to all, Terima kasih banyak! Because of you, we can feed a family for another day, another week, another month <3
May 10: Over  2500EUR this fantastic! This week has been an busy week.  Last Thursday 1500KG of rice arrived from local farms in Compang Longgo village. We hired the ladies to clean and sort the rice.  A video can be found on our instagram page  
We have prepared 80 rescue boxes so far, containing rice, oil, mie, eggs,  vegetables, sugar, soap and shampoo. over the weekend 50 boxes have been distributed to families in need. The next days another 30 will be distributed.  
This is on top of the 39 families we have helped already!
The press has shown interest in what we do at Wicked Good Indonesia. Articles about what we have done, because of your contributions can be read at:

And also several diving centers have rallied  their resources, for the common good. We want especially thank Wicked Diving, Scuba Junkie Komodo and Red Whale Komodo for their efforts.    

We are very thankful for all donations we have been receiving from all over the world! You have no idea how much impact your 10 dollars has. We hope  to be continuing our work, when this 'fundraiser' is officially over. We will keep supporting families in need, for as long as we are able to, and for long as it is necessary.
THANK YOU, thank you , thank you

April 27: Wow, wow, wow Simply Giving in combination with our paypal account has raised a total of 1000EUR. This is amazing! You helped us being able to provide food for 1 month for 20 families. 
We have updated the gallery with pictures of the results of your efforts.
Thank you so much, for caring and sharing! 

- Wicked Good Indonesia -


The Story of Flores

  • When food is not a given anymore.
  • When you do not know when you can give your 6 year old her next rice meal.
  • When you cannot go out to find work, so she and your entire family of 9 can eat.

This is the story of Flores, Indonesia. In one of the normally flourishing tourism towns. The streets are deserted, the supermarket is still open but empty, even the pasar, the local market where families sell their crops, is by no means the normal hustle and bustle of playing children, caring mothers, and a constant in and out of cars with fresh produce.

For years the people of Flores (with almost 2 million inhabitants) have been drawn to the bustling gateway to Komodo National Park in the hope to find work in tourism and support families back in their villages.
More and more people every year turn the Tourist dollar into food, homes, healthcare, schooling for siblings and financial security for their families.

Last March this came to an abrupt halt. All tourists packed their backpacks and started on their long routes home. Businesses started closing one by one in the hope to survive until the tourists come back again.

This left the people of Flores and their families stranded. No tourist means no income, and no income is no food for the many families, that are dependent on Tourism. 

What your can do:

We have set up food packages, essentials like rice, oil, cabbage, coffee, drinking water and soap. Help us help the People of Flores. Donate today!

  • With 500.000 Indonesian Rupiah, the equivalent of 30EUR a family of 4 can eat for 2 weeks.  But also 10EUR gives relief to a family.
  • Contact us, with ideas of finding income for a community that is highly dependent on tourism. 
  • Share your love for Komodo and this appeal for help.

With our target amount of 5.000EUR we can help more then 80 families with food and essentials for a month. We are in our second month of our appeal, we aim to reach the same target! Thank you so much for all support, it means so much <3

The Hero's

You! You are a hero. You have helped the families in Flores. Thank you for caring & sharing. 

Our team of Wicked Good Indonesia is on a daily quest, gathering food, making packages and then distributing. Still considering the environment we live in, and keeping plastic usage to a minimum. 
It is great to see people paying it forward, our hardest workers, helping with the distributions, are some of the families we have helped first <3

For more information or questions send us a message [email protected] or [email protected] 

Wicked Good Indonesia is a registered Yayasan in Indonesia and a branch of Wicked Diving. 
Please have a look at our NGO through

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