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"I have been an advocate of helping people in my own ways. I see that my personal values are aligned with what WWF can do thus partnering with them in great initiatives like this will magnify my impact to the beneficiaries of their projects." - Dr. Felix C. Veroya, CIE, AAE, CLF, CKF, MBB, CSM, DHum

Felix Veroya has a total of 11 years working experience in helping individuals and organizations to build and utilized competencies in Continuous Improvement, Innovation and Analytics across the fields of Academics, Logistics, Supply/Chain, Manufacturing, Training and Consulting for SMEs
up to multinational corporations. (IISE). He is a Professional Industrial Engineer, an Associate ASEAN Engineer, a Certified Lean/Kaizen Facilitator, a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, a Certified Design Sprint Master and a Chartered Business Advisor. During the Pandemic, he founded an online community for Filipino Industrial Engineers called PINOY IEs to help the community to have a platform to communicate and collaborate things about the profession. 

WWF-Philippines' Build Back Better Boats Project aims to create a new modern design of boat that will be faster, better, stronger so that it can be of use to fisherfolk for decades to come. The Bigay Tibay boat was designed by premier industrial designer, Mark Bautista, to be robust enough to withstand strong waves and storms. It was also designed in close consultation with tuna fishers federation in Lagonoy gulf so that it has features that fit their exact needs whenever they go out to sea.

The boat has features to help fishermen when they haul their catch, a covered hold to store the fish, a cleaning area built on the outriggers, a solar panel with headlights, and many other features. It is also made with a steel frame in a compartmentalized double hull design which makes it less likely to sink.

Closely working with our partners in the community, the fishers themselves are involved in the construction of the boats. Training is also provided to fishers to enable them to acquire new skills and create alternative livelihood opportunities outside of fishing.

Donate now to help build more Bigay Tibay boats and support the training of fishers in the community! With your help, we can empower more fishers and fishing communities towards becoming models of sustainability through the use of technology. You can also donate via bank transfers, Paypal and Paymaya QR Code. Kindly check the details in the gallery photos.

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