Fundraising Event

Yelo para sa Yellowfin Tuna: Help small-scale tuna fishers continue to fish sustainably

  • 01/05/2023 - 01/05/2024
  • Philippines
PHP 14,887
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Target : PHP 1,500,000 Raised Offline : PHP 9,494

About Event

Aid small-scale MSC-certified Yellowfin Tuna fishers in the Mindoro Strait and Lagonoy Golf by giving them access to equipment needed to sustain their livelihood.

These tuna fishers need a steady supply of ice to maintain the quality of their catch, but they currently do not have access to ice-making machines that can help lengthen the freshness of the Tuna. Without ice, tuna can become a breeding ground for bacteria and poses a risk for food poisoning.

Your contributions can make a significant difference by:

  • providing essential ice-making machines to ensure the freshness and safety of their catch
  • supporting sustainable fishing practices and securing livelihoods.

Yelo para sa Yellowfin Tuna translated from Filipino to English is Ice for the Yellowfin Tuna.