Fundraising Event

A Moment of Calm: Nature for Mental Health

  • 28/07/2020 - 30/11/2020
  • Philippines
PHP 50,643
55% Complete
Target : PHP 100,000 Raised Offline : PHP 6,450

About Event

A Moment of Calm is a digital wellness event that provides viewers with an avenue to relax, pause, and breathe, and regain positive feelings through nature-inspired discussions and nature-based activities. Studies have shown that time spent in nature, or simply looking at natural resources, can reduce mental and physical health risks. It can help remove stress, improve our general mood, raise self-esteem, and rejuvenate our minds.


All around the country, there are Filipinos who dedicate their lives to keeping us and our families well-fed and protected. Through promoting the positive impact of nature to our mental well-being, our goal is to help environmental front liners and their families recover from the crisis.

These are challenging times, but we believe that by working together, we can make a difference for these people who work tirelessly to #ChangeTheEnding for us and our planet every day.


Help us give them the quality of life they deserve. Let us support the lives of those who support ours.