Fundraising Event

ERM Foundation Malaysia's Cash-Splash!

  • 01/09/2019 - 14/10/2019
  • Malaysia
MYR 13,113
26% Complete
Target : MYR 50,000

About Event

Partnership with MareCet

In 2018, the ERM Malaysia office voted for MareCet to be the flagship charity and partner organization to support through ERM Foundation Malaysia. The main focus area for this partnership is to collaborate with MareCet to conserve Malaysia's marine environment by supporting their research, environmental education, and public engagement initiatives.  ERM Malaysia has committed to provide a combination of manpower and funding support as part of this partnership.

ERM Malaysia's Cash-Splash Challenge: How it works

To support MareCet, ERM Foundation Malaysia has decided to run a month-long fundraising drive to raise financial support for MareCet. ERM Malaysia's employees have been challenged to take part to raise funds, either personally as individuals or by forming a team for this activity. The funds raised by all participants will be directly channelled to our partner non-profit organisation, MareCet. By donating, not only are you supporting the only marine mammal research and conservation organization in Malaysia, but empowering our staffs to give back to the environment. Ultimately, your donation will go a long way to provide for a sustainable future for our ocean.

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