George and Sim are making a difference by providing Climate Change talks in colleges and universities throughout September and raising money for MareCet. Please support by donating to help the Whales and Dolphins!

My Story

George and Sim are young consultants focusing on Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHSS) services. We strongly believe that education or awareness is one of the vital puzzle pieces to solve climate change issues and create a sustainable future. Being part of the young working adults, we understand the struggle to find the balance between the expectations or responsibilities of younger generations to solve climate change issue as well as our own priorities and focuses. We will share how climate change is actually connected to our focuses such as impacts to socio-economic, human health, the ocean and biodiversity.

Giving speeches or knowledge transfer presentations in front of big crowds has been a challenge for both of us. We hope that by having this challenge, we can get support from friends, family and the public to step out of our comfort zone to share our passion with the participants of our talks. 

Giving is not just about making DONATION, it is about making a DIFFERENCE. Your kind support means a lot to us, please fundraise with us!

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