Fundraising Event

Bring Water to Paly Island!

  • 12/11/2018 - 30/06/2020
  • Philippines
PHP 374,012
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Target : PHP 350,000 Raised Offline : PHP 350,000

About Event

Imagine turning on your faucet one day and no water comes out.

This is the problem faced everyday by Paly Island, a fishing community in Taytay, Palawan with a population of 2,805 people. Since they're geographically cut-off from the rest of the municipality, they are forced to import 20 liter containers of water from the mainland at P60 each - this is the water source they use for all of their daily needs.

Your donation will go towards building and maintaining rainwater collecting tanks in Paly Island. Each tank will cost P50,000 and we will need to build 7 to create a viable public water source for the island's population.

Giving this community access to clean drinking water will not just help them get through today; your donation will be an investment in their future and the future of their families. Let's bring water to Paly Island!