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We are a group of university students with a goal - to empower the lives of refugees. Under the guidance of our lecturer, we are setting out to raise as much funds as possible for this organization, in hopes of helping along their process of improving their living conditions and providing for the refugees living under the MSRI roof.

MSRI is a service delivery NGO working with refugee and asylum-seeker communities whose country of origins are those within the Middle Eastern, Central Asian and African regions. MSRI has 3 core programmes - family health, education and community service, which aims to provide healthcare and wholesome services to equip refugees with knowledge and usable skills.

With that said, we aim to raise a minimum of RM750 in our mission to aid MSRI in their efforts of empowering refugees in Malaysia.

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  • Yen Chen Chau


    MYR 100 06/07/2019

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    I hope this helps.

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    MYR 200 26/06/2019

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    MYR 75 26/06/2019

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    Peace, Love and Respect

    MYR 150 25/06/2019

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