Sahabat Refugee Project by MSRI

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Sahabat Refugee Project by MSRI

MSRI is 63 years old this year!

Looking back, it is heartening to see how far we have come and evolved from our humble beginnings in 1959. In the beginning, we assisted progressive Malaysian authors publish their works on Malaysian culture, history, religion and customs. 

Today, we have evolved into a service-delivery non-profit providing humanitarian services to refugees and the needy. Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI) serves over 7,000 refugees from the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia who registered with the UNHCR. Our refugee clients are of many different nationalities including Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan.

We could not have done it without all your support! We thank you, sincerely!

MSRI's 3 core programmes are:

Sahabat Education Programme

Formal education for refugee children aged 4-18 years (Preschool, Primary, Secondary and IGCSE). We currently have 430 students and unaccompanied minors registered with our school.

Sahabat Healthcare Programme

Free general healthcare consultations and medications for refugees registered with MSRI. We have 1 full-time doctor, 2 volunteer doctors, 3 counsellors (Mental Health unit). We also provide referrals to other healthcare partners and hospitals for more serious cases.

Elham Empowerment Centre

We provide skill trainings, entrepreneurship workshops and also access to market opportunities for refugees to sell their goods and services.

Supplementary Programmes

We provide emergency support to families with particular vulnerabilities such as cases that require medical treatment, legal referrals, sexual and gender based violence victims, trauma, abuse, and many more.

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