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Thousands of residents of an island community in Palawan now have a more reliable and convenient source of clean water for their daily activities as two rainwater tanks have been constructed thanks to the laudable fundraising efforts of the employees of Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions (DBOS).

With a population of 1,664 in 322 households, Barangay Beton is a fishing community living on the outskirts of Taytay, Palawan, and lacking in ample reserves of groundwater. In the past, residents made 15-minute hikes uphill to reach the only deep well on the island, or were otherwise forced to take 45-minute boat rides to mainland Taytay, for potable water. Thereafter, they paid Php 20 to Php 40 per handheld container, or Php 250 per water drum, for which they used for all their daily needs—be it bathing, washing, or consuming.

Prior to confronting the water shortage situation of Barangay Beton, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines had already begun its work to improve and capacitate a number of other island communities in Palawan, such as Paly and Binulbulan.It was through these projects that WWF-Philippines found the most sustainable method of providing a reliable source of clean water: rainwater collecting tanks, large enough to accommodate 3,000 liters, or 15 drums of water. 

These tanks allowed the communities to capture and store rainwater, in addition to capacitating residents with the skills to build their own, should the need arise over time.With the positive effects brought about by previous constructions of rainwater tanks, WWF-Philippines sought out assistance to help Barangay Beton. DBOS, a fast-growing outsourcing business heeded the call and spearheaded an internal fundraising competition. This culminated last August 17, 2019, with a total of Php 100,000 worth of donations for Barangay Beton in Taytay, Palawan, and a trip to the community for the top fundraiser.

Proceeds of the DBOS employees’ fundraising competition went into buying the materials for two rainwater tanks. Their construction spanned from September 4 to 10, finally ensuring a steady supply of water through the next dry seasons. DBOS’ top fundraiser, Jean Geraldine S. Gatus, was awarded with an all-expense paid trip down to the island, where she was able to assist in the construction of the tanks herself, alongside DBOS Marketing Content Writer, Justine D. Gado. Accompanying them were WWF-Philippines’ Digital Fundraising Officer, AJ Araneta, and Community Coordinator, Geofrey Aludia, who introduced the pair to the entire community.

The group arrived on September 6 and were welcomed by the students of Beton Elementary School. Gatus and Gado were given a tour of the tanks’ locations on the island, as well as a brief runthrough of the current living situation on the island, by Aludia. The first tank was built behind the elementary school, in order to provide the barangay children with a readily available source of water for consumption and improved hygiene. The second tank was situated near the island’s health center, to aid in ensuring the facilities’ sterility and cleanliness.

Aludia had then been able to explain that - prior to improving their water security - WWF-Philippines had first sought to tackle Barangay Beton’s lack of electricity. The organization had been able to raise funds to provide them with solar panels, but the community now has access to electricity from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm.The situation for Beton island has been further elevated with the donations from the DBOS employees’ fundraising. The construction of the two rainwater collecting tanks promises the island worry-free dry seasons with clean, drinkable water, and capacity-building skills for the future.

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