Hi, my name is Hadiyati and I support education for all! IDEAS Academy gives opportunity for underprivileged youth in Malaysia including undocumented children and refugees to receive education. Students of all nationality, religion and cultural background are welcomed to our learning centre for creative, academic and cultural enrichment. With your help, we can keep our doors open and continue to give opportunities to these deserving children. You can make a difference by donating even a small amount to our cause. Donate to our education program because learning can’t wait. We thank you for giving these children a chance at their dreams!

My Story

A little girl walked into a classroom and smiled brightly upon seeing her friend, waving at her. She bounced over to her seat, unzipped her bag and pulled out a new story book she borrowed from the library yesterday. She did not know how to read yet, but the colourful images were thrilling. She showed it to her friend and they both gush happily over the book. They couldn’t wait for the teacher to explain what the words meant! But for now, they created their own story by looking at the fun images.

As a child, I looked forward to school. That was where my friends were and we had a good time interacting with each other and learning. I cannot imagine myself removed from a learning environment and denied the rights to education by law or by circumstances but that is the reality for most refugee, undocumented and underprivileged children. Education helps shape the worldview and life of people. It presents opportunity, success and understanding of the world. Education has even developed to become more than just a need; it is now a currency. In a world where knowledge is the best skill you can offer, I believe that we must not exclude anyone from receiving education.

Organizations like IDEAS Academy who knew the importance of education for children struggles to provide access and ensure that their need to learn is addressed. We cannot accept a world where education remains a privilege. We lose so much by allowing that to happen economy-wise, socially and culturally. It is time that we change and help those in need. Extend a hand and pull these children along with us. I believe that by helping them to receive education, the world would in turn receive responsible, compassionate and confident individuals with ideas for a better future!

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