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14 September 2017

With only a matter of hours until the end of our campaign, we cannot express our gratitude to all of our donors for your support. We may have not met our goals but we are extremely thankful for the generosity of each and every one of you in your belief of giving these children another chance at life to have a brighter future. With the amount we have raised so far, RM76,262, we would be able to keep our doors open for these wonderful children for a few months. We would like to thank you all once again for your immense support. Together, we can fight for providing education for all. 

17 August 2017

Thank you so much for your support. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity from all of our donors in helping our crowdfunding campaign reach over RM47, 000. We cannot express how grateful we are of this achievement and how this has helped the Academy in keeping its doors open for another month longer. 

Despite the overwhelming generous support already received, we still have a long way to go to reach our RM200,000 goal. Please help us in this pursuit of helping underprivileged children get an education. Your donation would ensure that these children have a safe environment for education, meals, and help these children achieve their big dreams and break the chain of poverty.

Our amazing students thank you for you attention and help!


With tragedy striking many parts of the world today, the right to an education has been stripped away from many refugee and stateless children. You have the opportunity and power to give them a chance for a brighter future; a chance to live their dreams and contribute to society.

IDEAS Academy is a learning centre for marginalised and vulnerable children based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most of the students are refugees and stateless persons. It is one of a small number of schools in Malaysia which provides secondary school level education for refugee children. Due to the law, they do not have access to public schools.

At IDEAS Academy, we believe in education for all, regardless of background, ethnicity or economic situation. A child should not be deprived an education simply because she is a refugee or stateless. We aim to give every child aged 12 to 18 years old in our care, an education which will open doors of opportunity for them. We believe that they can grow up to become responsible, confident and compassionate individuals who will help their families and communities.

At the moment, our learning centre is facing hard times. We are running out of funds to keep our doors open. With 125 amazing students (and 60 more children on our waitlist), IDEAS Academy might actually be forced to close in August.

We need at least RM 200,000 (or USD 50 000) to keep the lights on, pay rent and teachers' salaries, and provide food for the children until the end of December. Please help our learning centre survive this year by making a generous donation to our cause.

Your donation would go a long way towards ensuring that these children will be able to have a safe environment for their education, and to be able to take their first steps towards fulfilling their ambitions of becoming doctors, teachers and productive members of society.

Your donation will help build and empower them to realise their dreams of the future.

Thank you.

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  • Micky Essaadi

    Good luck!!

    MYR 250 17/09/2017

  • Gurmit Singh

    Brilliant work my dear boy. Waheguru''s blessings upon you & loved ones always.

    MYR 500 16/09/2017

  • Yeoh Khuan Leong

    MYR 150 15/09/2017

  • Vijayachandran Viswalingam

    All the best !

    MYR 250 15/09/2017

  • Bregje Blokhuis

    EUR 25 14/09/2017

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    EUR 25 14/09/2017

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    Goed bezig Harincky!

    EUR 15 14/09/2017

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    MYR 100 14/09/2017

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    MYR 500 14/09/2017


    MYR 500 14/09/2017

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    MYR 150 14/09/2017

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    MYR 150 14/09/2017

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    MYR 150 14/09/2017

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    AUD 40 14/09/2017

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    MYR 1,000 14/09/2017