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From October 14-16, I am going to spend just HK$40 a day on food to raise money for Justice Centre Hong Kong’s work with refugees. Refugees are amongst the most vulnerable people in our society. Many of them have fled the most unspeakable traumas like conflict,rape and torture in countries like Somalia, Togo, Pakistan and Syria. They come to Hong Kong often with nothing but the clothes on their back looking for protection, only to find themselves existing under a glittery skyline with no right to work, poor living conditions and facing a constant struggle to survive. As refugees cannot work to pay for their own food, the Hong Kong Government gives them pre-packaged bags of food, which they pick up every ten days from a shop often far from where they live. The food is said to be worth HK$40 per day, supposed to cover three meals per day and last for ten days. But, when we pricecompare the food they receive with food for sale in supermarkets, we see that the food they get is worth much less. Often it runs out before the ten days is up; sometimes it is expired; always it is limited in quality and quantity. From October 14-16, I am living on HK$40 for three meals per day in solidarity with Hong Kong’s refugees. A budget of HK$40 per day for food doesn’t stretch very far in Hong Kong, yet refugees have to survive on even less. Please sponsor me through this challenge so that I can raise money for Justice Centre Hong Kong’s food and advocacy programmes, and call on the government to improve the food package for refugees through this petition ( This is going to be a drastic change of lifestyle and diet for me, and I am going to need your support and encouragement to help me through this challenge. I aim to raise 1000 and this will only be possible if you support me. Thank you. xxx Kirsty

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    Support! It is a nice thing to do!

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