I will be running and cycling 4,000km over 40 days from 2 Aug to 10 Sep 2021 and hope to raise $10 for every km that I run or cycle. This will translate to $40,000 and I look forward to your support and contributions. Thank you!

My Story

I work in Care Corner Singapore and we are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year. To commemorate this milestone in a meaningful way, we are raising funds for five special causes close to our hearts. Join us in ‘40 Days of Care’ from 2 Aug to 10 Sep 2021. Let’s come together to forge new beginnings, give hope and bring care to our beneficiaries in a tangible manner.

About the Cause I am fundraising for:

Goal: Support transnational low-income families in need of emergency medical funds

As of 2016, 1 in 3 marriages in Singapore consists of transnational marriages. Some of these unions are plagued by domestic issues including abuse, financial constraints, and challenges in securing a long-term stay in Singapore. Many spouses do not qualify for medical subsidies due to their foreigner status. Coping with day-to-day responsibilities, many of them struggle to pay medical bills when there are medical emergencies or if they have chronic illnesses. Supporting transnational families ensures children have their basic needs met and prevents a lifetime of risks and adversities from poor nutrition and lack of medical care from the start.

The $40,000 I will be raising will go into emergency medical funds for these transnational families and families-in-need.

I will be updating my progress during the 40 days period via my social media platforms.
You can follow my progress by following me at:

Recent Donors

  • Geoffrey Chew

    SGD 150 09/12/2021 11:02:25 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    SGD 50 09/11/2021 12:43:50 PM UTC

  • Ahmad irfan Mohamed Khalid

    SGD 135 09/10/2021 03:37:07 PM UTC

  • Mykel Yee (RCCSGP)

    Hey Gary, you remember me for bringing you up haunted hill, but I will always remember you for doing this. Kudos and congrats on the new bike 😉

    SGD 100 09/10/2021 01:42:01 PM UTC

  • JC KM

    SGD 100 09/10/2021 12:58:43 PM UTC

  • Sian Hwa

    SGD 200 09/10/2021 12:27:21 PM UTC

  • Desmond and Elaine Ng

    We are very blessed and encouraged by your testimony! It goes to show that the cause you are sowing into is not just yours, but also inspiring many others to take up the race! Thank you for putting yourself on the line.

    SGD 250 09/09/2021 02:29:14 PM UTC

  • Doreen Chng

    SGD 100 09/09/2021 02:26:34 PM UTC

  • Wenkang Lei

    SGD 50 09/09/2021 02:13:57 PM UTC

  • Nicholas Leong

    Well done, Gary!

    SGD 100 09/09/2021 02:09:28 PM UTC

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