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Care Corner Singapore Ltd

Established since 1981, Care Corner Singapore is a non-profit organisation that has multiple service points island-wide. For more than 40 years, the organisation has been serving the isolated and disadvantaged in Singapore through our extensive services, such as helping families in need, youths at-risk, special needs children, children from low-income families, seniors and counselling needs.

It is our vision to provide Care to every corner in Singapore, to reach out to the vulnerable and needy in spite of all the constraints and uncertainties. Your generous donation will support families that are struggling to meet their daily needs, children with learning challenges, individuals with mental health challenges, and youths-at-risk especially during this difficult time. Everyone can do their part to extend a helping hand by donating generously to help the community we serve.

Come on board with us on this campaign as we reach and serve our community!

Our Programmes

We have various programmes under each service group

#Family Services (FS)
From financial difficulties, domestic violence to housing issues and health challenges, every family has its own challenges. No matter how unique or complex the circumstance is, we aim to listen to understand their needs, provide a coordinated and holistic solution to each unique circumstance, build resilience in individuals and families to create a stronger community.

#Mental Health & Counselling Services (MHCS)
From childhood to adulthood, mental health is an essential component of our overall health including emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. Beyond managing mental challenges, our programmes and resources focus on realising the individual's full potential, and equipping them with the knowledge and skills for lifelong wellness.

#Youth Services (YS)
By collaborating with families, schools and community partners, we mentor youths to be meaningfully engaged in school or work. Our programmes focus on prevention, transformation and restoration to unleash their potential.

#Children Services (CS)
We provide a broad range of services for children from low-income families, and children with special learning needs. Our services support their current educational and daily living needs, and also equip them with skills for their future, as to build strong foundation and useful members of society.

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