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My Story

My Story

A few years back, just before the global pandemic, I have volunteered myself during the weekends at an old folks home and at a small orphanage along with my friends. We served meals to those who couldn't afford a meal or had no family to enjoy the holiday with. It is heartbreaking knowing so many people including children do not have a place where they can call their home, or even to have their loved ones around them. However, every single I came there, they were so happy and it truly warms my heart. My absolute favorite part was sitting with random people and just enjoying conversation with them sharing their beautiful life stories. One uncle in particular caught my attention by saying that I reminded me of his late friend who has already passed away many years ago. We always talked to each other every time I came to visit and volunteer, he has shared that he used to study together with his friend growing up and they even worked at the same building for over 30 years. Before I left, he shook my hand and he thanked me for the conversations we have shared and for serving everyone around a warm meal. That is why I believe we all can make a difference in everyone's life, no matter how small nor big, the kindness and love that we share will never be wasted. It might not seem a lot for some of us, but to someone out there, it would mean more than the world to them.

This is my first time being a volunteer as a fundraiser for Charisma Movement and I wish to give it all for those children in Sabah. My brother was a volunteer few years ago for Charisma Movement, and he spent weeks staying in Sabah to help the children who were struggling financially and some do not even have basic necessities like electricity supply and internet connection. Covid -19 has badly affected us all as a nation, seeing so many innocent lives are lost, parents losing jobs and I can only imagine how hard it is for these students in Sabah. Therefore, I would like to lend a hand by joining this campaign to fundraise for these students and their families in Sabah. So let us all hold hands and share our kindness to those in need!

If you would like to know more about Charisma Movement, you can visit this page at:

How can you donate?

I am no art master like Van Gogh or even Pablo Picasso but I do draw sometimes when I am feeling sad, so I am hoping that I can raise some funds with every donations that are made. Any donations that are made will go 100% directly to the children and families in Sabah and those donations will be used to buy basic necessities for them. I pledge myself to raise at least RM300 or roughly around $100 SGD but if I can go beyond that I could not be any happier. Any amount would be highly appreciated and It would mean more than the world for me if you could share some of your kindness today.

Feel free to dm me on instagram, if you have any suggestions for any digital drawings you would like me to draw and I will try my bestest best to draw them.

These are the things that I usually draw:
- Anime or animated drawings/sketches
- Phone wallpapers
- Custom profile pictures
- any of your favourite characters

You can see more of my arts in Instagram, come and visit my page at @loongdavinci :)) 

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    All the best!

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    LET’S GO!!

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    Goodjob my boi. The contribution will make a difference for the people

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