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We are raising money to spread awareness of Mental Health in Malaysian through our CrossFit Lah Annual Anniversary Fundraiser

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We have teamed up with CrossFit Lah Athlete Gary Harron to give back to the local community once again for our Annual Anniversary Fundraiser.

Mental health is so important because it impacts all of us - whether personally and directly, or through our friends and family. We have teamed up with CrossFit Lah Athlete Gary Harron to give back to the local community once again for our Annual Anniversary Fundraiser.

Relate Malaysia was founded by Dr. Chua Sook Ning, a clinical psychologist born and bred in DJ in 2017. She started the organisation when she realised how little mental health resources there were in Malaysia. There was little information on the mental health status in Malaysia, and the few reports that are available were unpublished and not talked about. She also noticed that people were embarrassed and scared to talk about their mental health struggles. They were afraid of being stigmatised and discriminated against. Unfortunately, their fears were often proven to be true. People lost jobs and the support of friends and family members when they shared their mental health struggles.

Now known as Relate Malaysia, the initial focus was on raising public awareness that psychotherapy is an effective evidence-based treatment for mental illness. But from that initial focus, Relate Malaysia expanded its mission to:

1. Promote the importance of mental health as part of well-being.

2. Promote prevention and early intervention programs

3. Develop effective, evidence based and accessible interventions.

4. Encourage the establishment of community support and services for all who need them.

5. Advocate for policies which protect patient rights and autonomy.

At CrossFit Lah we encourage mental health and wellness through health and fitness as well as working to encourage others to feel comfortable discussing the challenges that surround mental health.

Our hope with this fundraiser is that this encourages, not only the Lah community, to feel comfortable discussing mental health, but also to be participants to discuss well being within the local community. Together we can be making a larger impact in the personal and professional networks by driving the same agenda, encouraging dialogue and encouraging our friends, family and colleagues to get support when needed.

To give you an indication of how far your financial support can go we have provided a breakdown below:
  • RM 30 – will help Relate give important mental health information booklets to 20 people.

  • RM 120 will help Relate give a comprehensive mental health assessment to ensure someone receives the right diagnosis and treatment.

  • RM 300 will help Relate to support someone with a mild mental health condition through our low intensity treatment program.

  • RM 2,500 will help Relate to support 10 people with depression through our group therapy program.

  • RM 20,000 will help Relate develop a depression awareness and screening program in Bahasa Melayu.

  • RM 100,000 will help Relate develop a guided online self-help intervention programme.

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    When can i start selling my Kimchi at Lah? Im always ready :) Happy anniversary

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