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Hey there guys! Welcome to this site of ours. It’s Aliah and Aruvvi here. We’re so glad that you’re taking your time to read this. So here’s the story of us. The both of us met through a volunteering platform called Small Changes and ever since then our journeys has always crossed paths.

We’re now back again in collecting funds for Charisma Movement. Charisma Movement is a youth-led organization created to encourage student volunteerism by providing a reliable and sustainable framework for community service and leadership projects to be carried out in Malaysia. This year, CM will be carrying out their annual flagship projects, Project Anak Malaysia which focuses on bridging the educational inequality in Sabah and Wildlife Conservation Project to raise the awareness of environment among people. Besides that, they also have Inspire Initiative which funds for the best public proposal that is reviewed and chosen. Other than that, there is also Gift of Sight which caters in providing eye care effort for our PAM beneficiaries. Last but not the least, funds collected will also be channeled to manage the general costs of Charisma Movement.

We have started being the change we are expecting to be! And we surely would love you guys to support us with it. We have 3 challenges that we would be unlocking based on your contributions

* RM 300 -   🔒  
* RM 650 -   🔒 🔒
* RM 1000 - 🔒 🔒 🔒

We have set up an Instagram account called “empowermentbeyondboundaries” to keep you updated on our progress throughout the fundraising period which will last for another month! Do show us some support, share and contribute to our fundraiser in any way that you can. You may make a donation via our SimplyGiving page or donate directly to Kelab Belia Karisma (MAYBANK: 5643 9713 1347) with reference EBB.

Thank you so, so much in advance for your support & generosity! <3

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