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Dear Reader,

 Many will say that slavery no longer exists, that the word is something confined to our history books, a reminder of past mistakes. However, just as history repeats itself, modern day slavery is a very real issue that the world faces today. The human trafficking industry is an enormous network that works discreetly, making it a complex and very difficult problem to tackle- and one that many people are unaware of.

​When faced with such an immense problem, we asked ourselves one question: "What is it that we can do as as people with the privilege of having a voice, to empower those who have struggled so long without one?"

Out of this question, Green Light was born - through the joint initiative of a group of female high school students looking to pursue meaningful change in the lives of those subject to systematic abuse and exploitation. We hope that through sharing our message, you can find your own way of answering that question in your heads, by considering how you can take part in the empowerment of the over 40 million victims of trafficking worldwide. We are always looking for partners in this journey, and hope that you will consider joining our collective fight against human trafficking in the region of Thailand!

​- The Green Light Team

The Hike for Freedom Anti-Trafficking Campaign

In our fight against trafficking in Thailand, Green Light is proud to present our Hike For Freedom, an anti-trafficking campaign developed to support vulnerable ethnic minority women at risk of trafficking and exploitation in Thailand. Through mobilising youth advocates, we will go on a trek for change! This campaign will be in collaboration with our partner organisation, the New Life Center Foundation, a non profit organisation located in the North of Thailand which aims to empower victims and those at risk of trafficking and exploitation within the Mekong sub-region through providing residences, education, capacity and job skills training for girls and young women looking to break out of the cycle of systematic abuse that they face. Initiated in 1987, the New Life Center Foundation has worked to provide legal, psychological, educational, and repatriation assistance to hundreds of girls and women from communities in need of assistance. They are a well established and widely recognised organisation that have worked in collaboration with partners including the Royal Thai Government and other international NGOs.

The proceeds generated through Green Light's initiatives such as its Hike for Freedom will go towards funding programs run through the New Life Center to aid these young women in their education and capacity development. To learn more about the specific projects carried out by the NLCF, please visit the following link to view the New Life Center's 2018 annual impact report:

A Poem for Thought

What is identity?

Is it the way in which you see?

Is it your goals, your aims, your unfinished destiny?

Imagine, What if your identity was issued by decree.


What is value?

Is it the number of zeros on a price tag?

Is it the worth of your car or your house or your clothes?


What if that price tag was attached to your skin.

What if that barcode was stamped on your face.

What if you were a series of zeros, with a quantity but not an identity.


What if they told you,

‘You are valuable but not valued.’

What if they told you,

‘We like what we see but we can’t see you’

 What if you were a means to an end, but your end was meaningless.

Because that’s who she is. To them, she is a series of zeroes, stripped of meaning. To her, she is a rope, frayed on the edges, tied in a noose.

- Written by Aashna Kammila, 17 years old, Green Light Co-founder

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