WWF-Philippines' mission is to stop, and eventually reverse the accelerating degradation of the Philippine environment – to build a future where Filipinos live in harmony with nature. Together, we can address the greatest threats to life on this planet and protect the natural resources that sustain and inspire us. Globally, WWF's work is focused around six ambitious goals: Climate - create a climate-resilient and carbon zero world, powered by renewable energy. Food - double net food availability; freeze its footprint. Forests - conserve the world's most important forests. Freshwater - secure water for people and nature. Oceans - safeguard healthy oceans and marine livelihoods. Wildlife - protect the world's most important species.

My Story

Hey there! I'm super passionate about tackling climate change, wildlife conservation, and promoting our domestic furry friends' welfare. That's why I decided to create my own fundraising page on WWF Philippines. I firmly believe that every small action counts when it comes to making a difference. So, whether you're able to give a little bit or a lot, I'm incredibly grateful for your support in building a greener, more sustainable, and enjoyable future for all of us. Rest assured, everything you donate goes directly to WWF, so we can amplify our impact together. Join me on this exciting journey and let's create a world where both humans and animals thrive. 🐶🌱🌏

I also have another WWF Fundraiser for Singapore which you can find on this link: https://

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