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Now Loading: Gamers for Nature is a series of playthrough fundraising livestreams where local gamers come together and use their platform to raise awareness for the environment and our fellow Filipinos in need. Each and every contribution will help our organization in conserving natural habitats, resources, and ecosystems in the country as it carries out its mission to build a future where Filipinos live in harmony with nature.The goal of this event is to raise awareness and funds for these projects:
Teaching The Next Generation of Planet Protectors: Environmental Education for 100 Children
With your generous support, 100 students will learn from our biodiversity and conservation module where they will be taught about the interrelationships of various components in the environment, as well as different wildlife species and their habitats. At a young age, they will be trained to integrate the environment in the different aspects of their lives, which will help and encourage them to take the initiative to protect our environment, and in doing so, to protect their fellow Filipinos and their country. As a supporter, YOU can get the chance to join the turo sessions and to help teach the next generation of planet protectors! By donating to this cause, you can get the chance to join our Environmental Education team and be selected to serve as an environmental teacher for a day!
Support The Lives of Those Who Support Ours
These are challenging times—but we believe that by working together, we can make a difference for those who work tirelessly to #ChangeTheEnding for us and our planet every day. All around the country, there are Filipinos who dedicate their lives to keeping us and our families well-fed and protected. They are the backbone of our society. Help us give them the quality of life they deserve. The goal of this campaign is to help environmental frontliners and their families recover from the crisis. Let’s support the lives of those who support ours.

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