We are hosting a weekend virtual camp as a fundraiser for Charisma Movement's flagship project: Project Anak Malaysia. The proceeds will be used to purchase basic necessities for families in Sabah!

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Charisma Virtual Camp 2021

Been deprived of socials for far too long? Would love to meet new people, while being able to learn something new?

As part of Project Anak Malaysia fundraising, Charisma Movement is hosting a 3-day virtual weekend camp; whereby we bring together talented youths from different organisations and backgrounds to cover a wide variety of topics. There will also be plenty of games and aerobic exercise sessions where you will be able to socialize with other participants. You will be able to participate in the event by purchasing a ticket.


General Details

  • Date: 10/09/2021 (Fri) to 12/09/2021(Sun)

  • Platform: Virtual (Gather Town)

  • Ticket

    • 3-day pass : RM30

    • 1-day pass :  RM15

    • 3-day pass (group) : RM85

Where Does your Donation Go?

The ticket fares that you pay for will be channeled into Project Anak Malaysia donation drive, and a very small percentage will be used to cover the operational cost.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, maintaining stable monthly income has been a huge challenge for many. Adequate basic necessities are key to supporting students in Sabah and their families, before we could extend our efforts in eradicating education inequality.

To help alleviate some of the hardships, Project Anak Malaysia donations will be used to buy items including basic groceries and household items. The care packages will be given to 60 students and their families that are in need, from:

  • SK Tumunda Salimandut

  • SK Teringai Darat

  • SK Samparita


You can register now at:

Follow our Instagram @charismavirtualcamp21 or

SDGs Addressed

The Sustainable Development Goals this campaign addresses.

Have a Look at Some of our Activities!

  • Introducing Charity Organisations

We plan to introduce a few charity organisations including Charisma Movement,Small Changes and the Kalsom Movement , with the aim to share information on each organisation's background, its visions, projects, and target beneficiaries.

  • Sharing Experiences of Getting a Job during the Pandemic

The unprecedented pandemic has taken a terrible toll on the labour market and we understand that many are experiencing a pessimistic and a hard time looking for employment opportunities. Hence, our committee members and some freshly graduated student icons who have managed to secure employment during this period will share some career advice and emotional support with those currently searching for jobs. We believe that by openly sharing our successes, failures, strengths and challenges, we are able to inspire optimism, and motivation in the job seeking process.

  • Finance talk

According to Bank Negara Malaysia, in 2018, nearly half (47 percent) of Malaysia youth were in high credit debt due to their poor financial decision and their inability to manage their spending. The challenging pandemic situation has further proven that our youths are economically vulnerable, and their low level of financial literacy is a concern. Understanding that many young Malaysians might fail to demonstrate a strong grasp of financial principles, we’ll invite external speakers to give a talk on essential financial management skills which are key to achieving financial literacy.

Staying Home? It's Still Fun!

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