Make a donation to help Charisma Movement fight education inequity and raise awareness about wildlife conservation work in Malaysia! Get rewarded with art and stitches in return!

My Story

Arts & Stitches is part of the 'Conquering Kinabalu' fundraiser organised by Charisma Movement to help them cover the costs of their education and environment projects. With the help of local artist, Anxious Fiddler, I'm hoping to contribute to the good work that Charisma Movement is doing to narrow the education inequity gap among Malaysian students and to raise awareness about important wildlife conservation work in our country. 

Why 'Conquering Kinabalu'?

Charisma Movement's first crowdfunding campaign in 2022 is inspired by a Malaysian saying that goes like this, "sedikit-sedikit lama-lama menjadi bukit". Since our schooling days, we have been taught the importance of this saying as it encourages financial wisdom. Hence, in the pursuit of raising funds for Charisma Movement's flagship projects, we aim to raise a total of RM20,000!

What will the funds raised be used for?
  • Projek Anak Malaysia: Funds will be used to purchase stationeries and teaching materials for Mathematics & English workshops benefitting schoolchildren in rural areas of Sabah 
  • Wildlife Conservation Project: Funds will be used to organise coral restoration and coral research at Teluk Keke as well as sea turtle photo ID and nesting monitoring activities at Tiga Ruang and Teluk Pauh (Terengganu) 
  • Gift of Sight: Funds will be used to purchase eyewear for students in West Malaysia Funds as well logistical costs of running the project 

Why am I doing this?

As a three-time volunteer of Charisma Movement's education project, Project Teringai-Tumunda (now called Projek Anak Malaysia) and former committee member, the volunteer work that this organisation does is something that personally means a great deal to me. I wouldn't be exaggerating when I say that it's shaped me as a person and more importantly, I've seen for myself how Charisma Movement's initiatives can make a difference in the lives of  the students and volunteers that we've engaged with through our projects. 

What do you get for donating?
  • For the first RM50 donated:
    • One free artwork by Anxious Fiddler (4 art pieces available)
    • One free Anxious Fiddler sticker
  • For the first RM100 donated:
    • One free artwork by Anxious Fiddler
    • One free Anxious Fiddler sticker
    • One handmade cross-stitched bookmark (4 designs available)

Who is Anxious Fiddler?

Check out this amazingly talented local artist and his unique pieces on Instagram (@anxiousfiddler). Please note that the artworks that will be given away are as shown in the gallery of this page. However, you can reach out to the artist if you're interested in purchasing any of his other pieces!

How do you collect your reward?

Once you've made your very kind donation (thank you!), please reach out to me either via email at or Whatsapp (+60123341841). 

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to me!

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