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We need your support to raise RM10,000 to mobilise a people-led #ClimateJustice in 2022.

The People's Climate March/Protests
In 2021, we organised physical Climate Strikes in Malaysia and Glasgow in the UK during COP26. In 2022, Climate Strikes will continue to be on our main agenda and our regional network of youth climate organisations. Several are in progress, aligned to Fridays for Future Global Climate Strikes in Tunisia, Stockholm +50 and COP27.

Protests are critical to holding governments and the Global North accountable to push them to act URGENTLY for a #JustTransition of our society.

Depending on the situation, protests will either be on the streets, a digital climate strike, or both. The funds will go to the planning, safety and legal training, advocacy materials, events, and meetings with other civil society organisations, CSOs and NGOs for collective action.

In 2022, the Malaysian Parliament must declare Climate Emergency!
KAMY have been actively engaging in climate advocacy at the Malaysian Parliamentary to lobby for the formation of the Special Select Committee on Climate Change and the Climate Change Act.
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Climate Resource Hub
We are building a repository of climate information and stories from the communities on the ground to provide a local climate narrative that is credible and compelling. The climate resource hub is part of our climate communication programs: Lensa Iklim and Climatea.

Gender and Climate
We have begun training environmental and women's rights stakeholders using United Nations treaty bodies' tools through our environmental justice program built on feminist lens, Voice and Visibility.

Curious about what we are up to? We are running multiple climate programmes this year. Please view our updated site!

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    Your work is so appreciated ✊ don't give up

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    Thank you for your work for Our Orang Asli! We owe it to them!

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    We got this!

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