Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY)

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Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY)

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and has taken a huge toll on marginalized communities, youth, and women. As we walk into this ‘new normal’, the climate crisis continues.

These past few months, you have seen many groups around the world organizing digital campaigns to keep pressuring the government and raising awareness about the climate crisis.

During these times of uncertainty, one thing is certain; climate action in Malaysia must continue. We need your support.

  1. Online tools

We need robust platforms that can support our initiatives online and provide effective workflow. We explore different ways on how we can put out engaging contents and amplify climate stories in Malaysia.

Your donation will support our:

  • Monthly Zoom account

    • Our premium Zoom account has enabled us to do livestreams on Facebook and record most of it. You can check out all the webinar series we have done with various NGOs and CSOs during the Movement Control Order (MCO) here:
    • Your donation will help us sustain the online momentum of the conversation related to the climate crisis and COVID-19.

  • Website and domain hosting

    • KAMY’s website and domain ( subscription needs to be extended annually. 
    • As KAMY mostly communicates using Bahasa Malaysia, both website and domain is important for us to put out information, provide a platform for local climate stories, build our credibility, increase awareness, and provide better search engine positioning. 


    • is a new platform we are experimenting with. It helps us to create ‘pocket versions’ of complex climate related issues in Bahasa Malaysia.
    • Check out our recent pocket guide on #ClimateJustice (in BM) here:

  • Targeted Advertisements 

    • We apply targeted advertisements to certain campaigns that we think is important for the public to know, for example our infographics and transboundary haze campaigns. These ads mostly run on Facebook and Instagram.
    • With your donation, we can run more ads to amplify local climate stories.

2. Digital campaigns for a #JustRecovery post COVID-19

  • There will be no climate strike anytime soon, but we still need to pressure the government to outline plans for a sustainable and resilient economy post COVID-19. The global pandemic and climate crisis shares many similarities. We need to keep educating people about the climate crisis and climate justice.

  • Your donations can help us get climate stories from the ground and hire visual designers or video editors to amplify these powerful stories, for example from the indigenous communities or other grassroots movements.

3. Storage rental to store materials

We always reuse materials from previous climate strikes and workshops to reduce waste and save budget. After 4 climate strikes and a few workshops, our materials are starting to pile up.

As most of us are students that live at home or university dorms, it is challenging to keep these important materials (from your kind donation) in separate small places.

Items include: Flags, banners, paint, placards, cardboards, stencils, workshop materials etc.

Your donation can help us store these items in Selangor/Kuala Lumpur area (where we are based) for at least a few months.


During the Movement Control Order (MCO), KAMY with various youth NGOs has mobilised aid to the indigenous communities in peninsula Malaysia under the #MisiBantuOA campaign. We sent aid to a total of 1548 families, amounting to 6192 individuals.

Read more about #MisiBantuOA and our COVID-19 Response:

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