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The Relentless Fighter

From the scorching hot Sahara Desert to the frigid Arctic circle, nothing stops Jeff Lau from running to raise fund for charity as well as bring about awareness on HIV/AIDS. The Red Ribbon Youth Icon has come a long way in making a name for himself in HIV/AIDS advocacy. Earlier this year he took part in the gruelling Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) Triple A Challenge, the Ultra Asia Race accompanied by Hezrina Hedzer, a 50-year-old home maker and proud grandmother as they ran a total of 160 km foot race across Vietnam.

The DECA X AIDS Challenge

For the Merdeka month of the year, just like how Malaysia gained its independence, Jeff Lau will be bearing the MAF flag representing Malaysia and the fight to end AIDS by participating in the Malaysian AIDS Foundation DEC X AIDS Challenge, the swissultra Deca Run in Switzerland. Jeff Lau hopes with his run he is able to shine more light unto the needs of youths in the awareness of practicing safer sex.

The calling to do good

Jeff Lau discovered his passion for running during his university years in Melbourne with sole purpose of maintaining fitness. It was not long until he wanted to give meaning to his passion in bringing positive change to the community. There on the suggestion of his friends, he participated in the 2014 Marathon des Sables to raise fund for the Malaysian AIDS Foundation.

His life took an incredible twist when one of his dearest friends came out as HIV positive to him, after seeing him running for the cause. The event changed his perspective on HIV/AIDS and it fuelled his passion even more to be involved in charity with MAF and was soon appointed as the Red Ribbon Youth Ambassador.

The 10 Positive Steps

For his latest challenge which is a step up from a marathon or better known as ultratriathlon, he hopes to gain more attention not so much for the ultratriathlon event itself but more on what people can do to be more aware, vigilant and proactive in practicing safe sex. Thus this campaign has a theme around the number 10 seeing that he would need to complete this challenge in 10 consecutive days.

This became his aspiration based on his experience in Melbourne where he was able get access to high quality sexual healthcare even as a foreign student. He explained that the youth community there were well educated on sexual and reproductive health and took measures to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and unplanned pregnancies.

“The doctors in the STI Clinics were very friendly and encouraged the students to practice safer sex. They made us feel comfortable to talk about our health and even offer free condoms. They don’t discriminate you base on your race, religion, gender and sexuality,” Jeff Lau expressed his amazement on the quality service provided there.

He also compared it to the situation in Malaysia, “Malaysia has a long way to go in providing good sexual and reproductive healthcare for our youths. STI friendly clinics are still limited and awareness on STIs and unplanned pregnancies are still low. We hear news on the rise of HIV infections and teen pregnancies amongst younger generations, this is the consequences we face when they are not equipped with knowledge about safer sex.”

From 22nd to 31st of August, Jeff Lau will be subjected to one Ultratriathlon each day for 10 consecutive days which comprises of 3.8 kilometers swim, 180 kilometers bike and 42.2 kilometers run in Switzerland. Overall, he would need cover a total of 2260 kilometers.


If you share Jeff’s compassion for bringing awareness about safer sex, please make a donation to the Malaysian AIDS Foundation. No matter how small or big the donation, every ringgit and cent counts. Click the donate button below and make a difference today!

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  • Kay-Yip Ng

    Congratulations on an Amazing performance full of heart and endurance. Malaysia Boleh!

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  • Tom Sarginson

    You continue to inspire us all, Jeff - unbelievable effort! Looking forward to seeing what crazy challenge you take on next...

    MYR 200 09/04/2019 10:53:58 PM UTC

  • Kevin Siah

    Simply amazing! This is beyond epic. Well done Jeff on this massive achievement!

    MYR 150 09/04/2019 12:07:00 AM UTC

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    MYR 100 09/03/2019 09:19:13 AM UTC

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  • RJD

    Amazing achievement Jeff. Well done and keep doing things for others and challenging yourself.

    MYR 500 09/02/2019 03:27:23 AM UTC

  • James Foong

    MYR 300 09/02/2019 12:08:35 AM UTC

  • Penny Yap

    Jeff, you are the best... proud of you😙

    MYR 75 09/01/2019 02:58:53 AM UTC