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SG Support Fundraising for Humanitarian Aid

1 March 2022

UNHCR Humanitarian Emergency Aid in Ukraine

SG Support is supporting the humaritarian crisis that is unfolding in Ukraine through the UNHCR. We encourage all SG staff to consider donating 1% of your salary this month to Ukranians that are fleeing to safety and displaced from their homes. SG Support pledges to match your donation, up to RM12,000.

UNHCR is gravely concerned about the situation in Ukraine, that deteriorated rapidly following the military operation launch on 24 February, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes seeking safety in other parts of the country and across international borders. The full impact of the situation is not yet clear and is changing by the day. But it is evident that there is a disastrous impact on the already challenging humanitarian situation. 

The number of people fleeing is rising and there is now a risk of large-scale displacement both within the country, in immediate neighboring countries and beyond with paramount new humanitarian needs. UNHCR estimates that up to 4 million refugees may flee Ukraine.


Update May 2021

Thank you to everyone that supported this campaign. We successfully raised MYR20,571 for UNICEF India to help fight the Covid crisis in India.

India is going through the worst known COVID-19 inflicted crisis.

For our family, friends, colleagues and all those in India. 

Lets pull support any way we can, small differences can make a life-changing contribution to the current situation.

Currently, UNICEF India are providing the following breakdowns to give you a scale of the urgency of donations required:
  1. For RS 25,000 (MYR 1,393 / USD 338) x 533 donors = One Oxygen generation plant
  2. For RS 12,500 (MYR 697 / USD 169) x 130 donors = One RT-PCR
India is in desperate need of Thermal scanners, RT-PCR testing machines, nasal cannulas, oxygen concentrators, and oxygen generation plants.

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