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My Story

I started my running career after having my second child to de-stress eight years ago. I gained recognition amongst Singapore running elites after winning the 100km Singapore Sundown Ultra in 2013.  Since then, I have placed first in a handful of races such as Great Eastern Women’s Run 2014, National Games Stadium & Relay 2014, Marina Run 21km 2015, and the latest The North Face 50km Duo Ultra. I am a passionate endurance runner and proud mother of two children, age 15 and 12. I was originally an Asian American who migrated from Taoyuan, Taiwan to Spring, Texas in 1980, but today am a Singaporean PR who has lived here for the last 14 years working as a physiotherapist.  

My goal in running is simple - to keep running.  Running strong and running happy until I am 80 is my goal. I hope to continue to inspire others to run, and likewise to be inspired by other runners. Running is a part of life, and staying fit and pushing the body to its limits is what makes running meaningful.

I have chosen Autism Association Singapore (AAS) as the beneficiary of my fundraising effort through this run. AAS is dedicated to supporting individuals with autism and helping them lead meaningful and quality lives. Its mission is to initiate, organise and support provision of a broad spectrum of services for people with autism in Singapore. These services consist of education, vocational/life skills training and residential care.

Recent Donors

  • Jeffrey Low

    Thanks for being an inspiration!

    SGD 50 02/02/2017 03:55:54 AM UTC

  • Jackie & Brian

    Thanks for always spreading positive energies on FB. Great to know you and Steven :)

    SGD 100 02/02/2017 03:12:38 AM UTC

  • Teck Sing Kee


    SGD 50 10/18/2016 12:35:22 AM UTC

  • Steven Chan

    SGD 100 10/17/2016 11:09:59 PM UTC

  • Andy Pon

    Thanks for all the inspirational words and motivation on fb. Go Jenny Go!!!

    USD 40 10/17/2016 12:16:38 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Nice one Jenny! X

    SGD 100 10/17/2016 10:28:48 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Go Dr Texas!

    SGD 50 10/17/2016 09:04:18 AM UTC

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