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We are a group of 10 students from Sunway University taking Community Project (MU4 2713). As animal lovers, we hope to raise public awareness on the endangered animals in Malaysia and also lend a helping hand on preserving those beautiful species. Thus, we launched our campaign titled “Guardians of Wild’’ to fundraise for Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) in support of their wildlife conservation activities.Background of Our ProjectIt started with our concern for endangered animals in Malaysia which are less focused by the public. The plight of the Sumatran Rhinoceros, which currently extinct in Malaysia, was due to lack of support and funding. This has led us to a determination to help other endangered animals in our country. Unlike the giant pandas from China, orangutans and the leatherback turtles, the animals that we target are largely unnoticed by the public.Our targeted animals are the Malayan Tapir, Malayan Sunbear, Malayan Tiger, Helmeted and Rhinoceros Hornbill. Below are some facts on them:Rhinoceros HornbillIn 2018, it is uplisted to “Vulnerable”. As Rhinoceros Hornbills will not use secondary forests, which are forests disturbed and interrupted by humans, their distribution is restricted and their habitats are shrinking.Malayan SunbearIt is the smallest bear with just standing nearly 70cm at shoulder. According to IUCN, it is classified as “Vulnerable” and is extinct in most areas of Southeast Asia. They are mainly illegally hunted for their paws, gall bladder and cubs to be sold as pets. Malayan TapirIt is listed as “Endangered” under the IUCN Red List. The current number of mature individuals of the Malayan Tapir in the Southeast Asia region is estimated to be 2,499, with fewer than 1,500 in Peninsular Malaysia.Malayan TigerIt has been classified as “Critically Endangered” as the number of mature individuals currently left in the wild is approximately 80 -120. It is a drastic decrease as they were as much as 3000 in the 1950’s. They are threatened mainly by illegal poaching and trade as well as a loss of habitat through deforestation.Helmeted HornbillUnder the IUCN Red List, it is classified as “Critically Endangered”. Their hard casques are a popular material for jewellery and ornaments, which are traded illegally and have led them to their demise.We ask for your support and we deeply appreciate every donation given. “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” - AesopThank you!“Guardians of Wild” Campaign Social Media PagesFacebook:  

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Raised So Far : MYR 425

Target : MYR 500