Bring power to the youth, by creating awareness and experience on the importance of mangroves.

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Project Objectives
The project will coincide with a just launched educational and advocacy program for youth to understand and appreciate mangroves, rivers and the lives and livelihood that depends on it. The aim of the project is
  1. To create awareness and advocacy among the youth on the environmental and climate change issues, and how mangroves are essential for sustainability of rivers
  2. To provide opportunity to volunteers, especially youth, to contribute to mangrove planting activity
  3. To develop a short video documentary of mangroves and its importance in water quality, sustenance of life, etc. Video will also include short interviews with participants on their experience and hope.

The project is aimed to be ongoing, to continually develop awareness and volunteerism among youth and students, in understanding, caring and nurturing the environment, especially mangrove systems and its importance.
Among the type trees that will be planted are1. Rhizophora mucronata (Bakau Kurap)2. Rhizophora apiculata (Bakau Minyak)
Program DetailsThe program will be held in a few sessions with approximately 15 participants per session. Participants will be youth (undergrad and postgrad students from universities and colleges) from various fields of study. The program will start with a video tour of the Nature Park, explaining its variety in biodiversity and the importance of water bodies, such as rivers, in sustaining life. This will be followed with a physical interpretive tour in the Nature Park, explaining the various biodiversity in mangroves, mudflats and river systems. Participants will have the opportunity to witness and understand the importance of water quality upstream and its impact downstream, on the mangrove ecosystem, marine life and to humans. The program will then be continued with planting mangrove trees. At the same time, some participants will be interviewed on their experience, the knowledge and awareness gained, as well as their hope for a better sustainable future. Individual videos will be asked to share with program organizers and sponsors. Whereas the final video will carry acknowledgement to sponsors, and will be shared on social media. Additionally, the participants will be encouraged to share the videos and experience via their social media and learning institutions to spread awareness and increase active participation in protecting rivers, mangroves and the ecosystem in general.

For more information, contact Maichal at or Harris at
Trees will be planted in full compliance with the applicable SOP at the time of planting. 
GPS Location of Kuala Selangor Nature Park 3.3397301220659705, 101.24510540740968

Project Time Frame
(Program is set spread over 6 months due to uncertainty of pandemic and the Movement Control Order)
July 2021 - Content and Module development
October 2021 - 1st group of participants
November 2021 - 2nd group of participants
December 2021 - Video content development and publishing of video

Intended outcome
  1. To engage at least 30 youths in the program in creating awareness. 
  2. To create catalytic impact via sharing of their experiences via social media as well as to their peers and learning institution
  3. To develop a video documentary on the whole program highlighting the importance of the river, mangrove and ecosystem.

Measure of Success and Impacts
  1. 100 mangroves planted
  2. 30 youths engaged with increased awareness and knowledge. The awareness is further spread among peers and learning institutions, to further inspire more participation and engagement
  3. A short video documentary developed and published to motivate and inspire youth to actively participate in conservation of rivers, mangroves, forests, etc.

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