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Update on 29th June 2017

Using this platform, private donors also gave over RM20,000, allowing us to reach our initial fundraising target.

We managed to bring all the children who had applied into our programme in June, with provision for at least 12 calendar months. In total, the Precious Children Programme now helps 50 children.

We also built a one-room dwelling to house a single mother and her 4 children, dug a tube well in a village with no clean water supply, supplied emergency rations for a newly discovered family living on the edge, and even bought a bicycle for a child who had dropped out of school when her previous bicycle broke beyond repair. For photos, please to the Gallery section of this page.

We are grateful.

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I having been working in some of the villages in Cambodia since 2015. No one can avoid seeing the poverty cutting into lives, particularly childhood lives, there.  Unable to walk away and do nothing, in 2016, I started "Precious Children" work as a means of rescue: from starvation, from the threat of forced labour, from being "sold ", from other ways in which children become commodities and a means to an end.

In this work, we support families with USD20 - 25 a month worth of support in kind : basic foodstuff, school fees, clothes, nutritional supplements, simple medicines, just to help what is left of families in the villages to keep and raise their children within the community, and keep them in school.

It started with 10 Precious Kids (PKs, in primary school) with USD20 per month per child. Precious Youths (PYs) was started in March 2017 for support of children in secondary school who have a slightly different needs profile.

At point of writing, we cover 26 Kids and 8 Youths under our growing programme.

Recently, we received applications for over 20 children from 6 villages and are working hard to raise sponsors for each child.

The local church is our administrative platform, but we are a compassionate work that is available to all children regardless of faith, ethnic or any other similar affiliations.  Referrals come to us from village and commune chiefs, teachers.

This appeal is an ongoing one for funds to help us embrace as many children as come to us who meet our single criterion - grinding poverty. 

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    You are a Champ! Cheers :)

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    Shalom Dr Dolly. May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us-- yes, establish the work of our hands.

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